How to Armor a Vehicle in 10 Steps

Creating a high-quality, bullet-resistant vehicle is no small feat. In fact, at Streit USA, its 10-step process to armor a vehicle can take two weeks or more depending on customer needs. It starts with stripping a brand new vehicle and step by step rebuilding into an armored vehicle that still looks like a regular car or SUV. In September 2012, Streit USA more than doubled its space, moving into a […]

Do You Need an Armored Vehicle?

Do You Need an Armored Vehicle?

The world can be a dangerous place and high-profile individuals are often the target of threats and retaliation for a wrong – whether real or perceived. That means individuals in positions of authority, wealth or even controversy need to protect themselves and their families. You may not have considered an armored vehicle in the past, but now is the time to take that added precaution. Streit USA can outfit any […]

What to Know When Buying a Luxury Armored Car

When it comes to protecting you and your family, you want a vehicle that is built to withstand threats and make a quick escape in the face of danger. Before you purchase a luxury armored car – whether it’s a Toyota Land Cruiser, a BMW or a Lexus – you’ll want to make sure the armoring company you’ve selected adheres to the following five areas of quality and safety. Does […]

A Luxury Armored Vehicle Shouldn’t Look Like an Armored Vehicle

If you told friends you were buying an armored car would they immediately conjure up images of tanks or boxy trucks transporting cash from bank to bank? If you’re trying to keep a low profile and not draw attention to your vehicle, a tank just won’t cut it in on city streets or in the suburbs. It is possible to be well protected while driving a vehicle that looks like, […]