Feel Safe on the Roadways with an Armored Car

Technology infiltrates just about every aspect of our lives and most certainly in the cars we drive. Today’s vehicles have hands-free Bluetooth devices and built-in GPS along with computers that monitor tire pressure and rear doors that open with the wave of a foot. Volvo – a brand known for its focus on driver safety – has unveiled technology that can sense when a driver is tired or not paying […]

Armored Vehicles the Best Protection Against Road Rage

If you’ve ever had a driver tailgate you on the interstate or display a less-than-friendly hand gesture, you know road rage exists. While detailed statistics on aggressive driving – commonly referred to as “road rage” – aren’t readily available, research does show it’s a growing issue. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reviewed the number of fatal crashes in which one or more of the drivers reported actions associated with […]

Why Not Buy Your Own ‘Beast’ for Added Security

This month the Secret Service announced it was taking bids for what might be the most highly protected vehicle in the country: the presidential armored limousine. Dubbed the “Beast,” this new presidential vehicle would replace the 5-year-old Cadillac currently in use. The company selected for the contract develops the vehicle, including integrating armor and fabricating a prototype, according to a New York Times article. The company – which must be […]