Armored Vehicles Protect in Countries with Kidnapping Risk

Armored Vehicles Protect Against Haiti Kidnappings

While Mexico has the serious reputation as a country where kidnappings are everyday occurrences, another country that warrants concern is Haiti. 

According to travel warnings from the U.S. Department of State, kidnappings are down dramatically in Haiti. In 2014, only one kidnapping incident involved a U.S. citizen and there were five in 2013. That’s down from a peak of 60 U.S. citizens kidnappings in 2006. 

Despite the decline in kidnappings of U.S. citizens, kidnapping for ransom is still a danger, particularly for locals or those who live in the country long term. In years past, Haiti has been home to kidnapping rings who snatched up political or business rivals and their families. 

Diplomats, business owners, politicians and others with wealth and power – particularly in Latin America – have to make safety for themselves and their families a real priority. Armored vehicles can do just that. At Streit USA, our main focus is helping customers escape dangerous situations. 

How can armored vehicles help? 

  • At our South Carolina manufacturing facility, we carefully outfit each armored vehicle with custom-fitted ballistic steel as well as bullet-resistant glass.
  • Armored vehicles are equipped with run-flat tires so the driver can get away from the danger even if the tires have been shot. 
  • We equip our vehicles with reinforced seams to thwart any bullets aimed for vehicle seams. It’s important to have a door seam that overlaps the door for maximum protection. 
  • Our vehicles don’t look like armored cars so they won’t draw attention to would-be kidnappers or terrorists. 

If you live in or do business in a country where kidnappings are a threat, it’s important to assess your transportation. Do you feel safe in a regular SUV or luxury car? Probably not. As the world becomes increasingly dangerous, now is the time to do whatever you can to stay safe and protected.