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Scorpion APC

Scorpion APC

Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected.

The result of an intensive R&D effort the MRAP (Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected) SCORPION APC, is a fast moving, agile and flexible armored command vehicle. Delivering a top speed of approx. 70 mph with a 6.7L turbocharged engine and weighing in at up to 11 tons - depending on protection levels - the Scorpion Armored Personnel Carrier can carry six occupants when deployed in the field. To maximize protection and survivability, the vehicle features a distinctive modular design with a monocoque V-hull armored compartment and elements like the independent suspensions and engine which are fixed separately to that of the crew cabin.


  • Engine, fuel type: Cummins 6 Cylinders ISBE 6.7L (Turbocharged)
  • Seats: 2 + 4, seat belts included
  • Wheelbase: 141.5"
  • Dimensions: (226.4")(L) – (98.0")(W) – (94.5")(H)
  • Max.Speed: approx 70 mph
  • TurningCircleWallToWall: 23'
  • EngineOutput: 300hp @ 2500 rpm
  • EngineTorque: 1100Nm @1500 rpm
  • FuelTankCapacity: 52.8 Gallons (Diesel)
  • DriveRange: 497 miles
  • Escape: Roof Escape Hatch
  • Approach Angle: 38

Armored Enhancement

  • Wall Gun-Port
  • Universal Roof Gun Mount Ring
  • Roof Turret for Standard 50 Cal Machine Gun
  • Grenade Launchers
  • Rifle Racks
  • CTIS, RFI, Add-On Armor
  • Anti-Riot Mesh on windows
  • Crew Compartment: STANAG 4569 Level III (up to)
  • Floor: STANAG 4569 Level 2+ anti-mine
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