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An agile APC that fights back

Versatile. Compact. Fast. The Streit Cobra is the go-to vehicle for law enforcement agencies when agility is essential and protection is paramount. Designed for the modern world, with a compact body and high-speed functions, this state-of-the-art APC is the ultimate armored vehicle. The modular-designed Cobra can move swiftly and handle easily. Its 4x4 off-road performance is second to none, and its independent suspension and differential locking make it fully equipped to traverse the toughest of terrain.


  • Engine, fuel type: Petrol: 5.7L, 381 hp & 4.6L V8, 347 hp. Diesel: 4.5L V8, 261 hp
  • Transmission: 6-speed automatic, electronically controlled. Automatic Transmission / 5-speed manual
  • Wheels/tires: P285/65R17 Radial Tubeless
  • Brakes: Heavy duty, upgraded, compensated
  • Drive configuration: Full-time 4WD/Active Traction Control
  • Seats: 7(2+3+2)/9(2+3+2+2), seat belts included
  • Wheelbase: 112.2''
  • Dimensions: 182.4'' (L) – 77.6''(W) – 84'' (H)
  • Armored vehicle weight: 10,207 lbs - 12,412 lbs
  • Armoring: CEN Level B6

Armored Enhancement

  • Steel-case fuel tank protection
  • Electrical batteries armoring
  • Door frame/glass frame overlaps
  • Reinforced door hinges, designed for extended longevity & easy maintenance
  • Reinforced door pillars and posts
  • Suspension components are reinforced as necessary to compensate for additional weight of the vehicle
  • Two spring-loaded roof hatches *optional design
  • Run-flat tires (5 wheels)
  • External holding bars
  • Reinforced door hinges
  • Anti-riot mesh on all windows
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