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An LAV with all-round capabilities

Streit’s multi-functional and adaptable Cyclone SWAT vehicles represent a new generation of light armored vehicles (LAVs). The Cyclone combines speed, maneuverability and firepower to fulfill a variety functions for SWAT and tactical operations. It is as nimble as a standard pick-up and features on demand 4x4, making it ideal for a wide variety of urban and battlefield missions. The Cyclone SWAT has been designed not only to withstand ballistic assault but to protect against light mine and grenade blast scenarios.


  • Engine, fuel type: FORD V8- 6.7L. Turbocharched DIESEL
  • Transmission: OEM FORD F550, torque shift 6 speed
  • Wheels/tires: 335/85 R20
  • Drive configuration: 4x4
  • Seats: 4+2, seat belts included
  • Wheelbase: 140.8''
  • Dimensions: 237'' (L) – 100'' (W) – 93.4'' (H)
  • Armored vehicle weight: 17,350 lbs - 19,775 lbs.
  • Armoring: CEN Level B6

Armored Enhancement

  • P.A./Multi Siren, Fully equipped to alert and communicate externally
  • Runflat Inserts, Allows the vehicle to move while deflated
  • Suspension Upgrade, Compensates for the increased weight of the armoring
  • Strobe Lights, Offers night visibility presence
  • Tailpipe Protection, Protects exhaust pipe from being sabotaged
  • Rear A/C System, An independent rear A/C system
  • Heavy-Duty Bull Bar, Offers ballistic protection and ramming capabilities
  • Gun Ports, Seven gun ports are built directly into the doors and windows
  • Viewing Windows, Can be adapted to meet customer requirements
  • Exterior Hand Rails, A design feature to accompany additional crew during assaults


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