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Charleston SC Production Facility

Charleston SC Production FacilityMADE TO ORDER

STREIT USA Armoring, manufacturing and sales center, is dedicated to the design, production and distribution of armored sport utility vehicles for government, commercial and civilian use in the United States and around the world. STREIT’s domestic presence ensures that US customers will get the attention and support required to make critical decisions when buying armored vehicles in the United States.STREIT USA builds vehicles to industry leading standards and is a showcase of production efficiency. Implementing the principles of Lean Sigma Six, the company produces its ballistic and blast resistant vehicles in an assembly line process. Quality is built into every step as vehicles pass from operation to operation until completed. Focusing on the quick and uninterrupted flow of products and materials enables STREIT USA to provide the right product at the right time for a competitive price – even for custom armoring requirements.


Furthermore like all first class armored vehicles, STREIT USA SUV’s fully resemble the street versions of  the original OEM vehicle – down to the minute details of the decorative trim. Dedicated to quality and innovation, the manufacturing plant is also home to leading edge support capabilities for machining, testing, quality control and customer service.


STREIT USA prides itself in being an innovative and quality conscious armored vehicle manufacturer. Whether your requirements are for Cash-In-Transit vehicles, or a personal protection vehicle – we are able to offer you a vehicle that meets your expectations. Our pricing, quality standards, delivery times and client service have already made STREIT USA the primary supplier to some of the most demanding clients and government agencies. STREIT USA has earned a reputation for consistent manufacturing of top quality armored vehicles.


We offer the largest inventory of armored vehicles in the world and can arrange for immediate delivery; making us the obvious choice for many clients.

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