Features are Fun, but Safety is Better

Safety Features Jaguar F Type

Car manufacturers are continually adding the latest, greatest gadgets to new vehicles. Many are geared toward improving safety, such as cars that can automatically stay in the appropriate lane, and others are for convenience, such as the foot-operated liftgate. 

Look for vehicles in the future outfitted with in-car Wi-Fi, sensors in the steering wheel to measure the driver’s stress levels, laser headlights and parking assist functionality. Then there are those purely “cool” car features that improve the car’s appearance. Jaguar tried out door handles on its sport car that remain flush with the body. They deploy only when touched or unlocked with the key fob. 

Even this month Nissan’s European division showed off its glow-in-the-dark paint on an electric Nissan Leaf. This USA Today article explains the coating, called Starpath, absorbs the sun’s rays and then glows from eight to 10 hours at night. Nissan thinks the paint will last 25 years. 

These cool gadgets and features are fun for consumers, but what should be key to any new vehicle is overall protection. For the best in safety, outfit your vehicle with ballistics-resistant steel and glass plus added safety features like run-flat tires, reinforced hinges and steel-case fuel tank protection. 

While it’s fun to drive a stand-out car that everyone notices – like a car with glowing paint – what’s important is a vehicle that doesn’t necessarily make a fuss. At Streit USA, we stress the fact our armored cars don’t look like armored cars. You won’t be rolling down the highway in a tank but rather a SUV or sedan. 

For people in high-profile or potentially dangerous positions, this is important. You don’t want people to see that your car is armored and then try to attack what’s inside (you or your family members). In countries where kidnappings are everyday occurrences, for example, blending in so you don’t look like a wealthy or famous person is part of the overall safety plan. 

So add the fancy car features to the car’s interior and make sure the exterior is as safe as it can possibly be.