How safe is your family?


With the increase of violence growing at an extremely rapid pace in today’s world, have you ever thought of the impact it could have on you? Recently a woman was gunned down at a traffic light in Summerville, SC with no apparent action on her part. Either way, her children are now without a mother and her husband is now without a spouse. To what extremes would you go to ensure the protection of your loved ones? Vicious acts are on the rise and should cause us to reflect and ask ourselves, what can I do to provide assurance to the individuals that matter most to me? Just one act of violence can inflict a lifetime of pain. The choice is yours! Streit USA Armoring is in the business of helping you protect your most valuable assets, your loved ones. We build armored vehicles to industry leading standards that resemble the OEM models down to the minutest detail. Streit USA has experience with armoring virtually every make and model in the domestic inventory. From Camry’s to luxury SUV’s to your personally owned vehicle. Will you make the right choice today? Contact Streit USA Armoring and let us tell you how “Our Company Shields You”.