Now that You Have the Yacht, it’s Time for a Luxury Armored Vehicle

After the yacht, a Luxury Armored Vehicle

When you reach high-level celebrity status, having a yacht is almost a requirement. Like a fancy house, luxury armored vehicle and designer clothing, celebrities will spare no expense on a vessel that can whisk them away to the middle of the ocean for a quiet vacation or a party with friends. 

Some of the most expensive yachts include Steven Spielberg’s $200 million yacht with an infinity pool, high-end bedrooms and bathrooms. And don’t forget the 15-foot glass wall perfect for viewing the ocean or movies as it converts to a movie screen. 

Georgio Armani has a solid black yacht with swimming pools, a bar, high-end kitchen and plenty of guest suites. The cost? A mere $76 million. Johnny Depp’s yacht – which looks a bit like a pirate ship – is a cool $70 million. And P. Diddy’s $65 million luxurious vessel has a top deck perfects for parties.

Musicians, actors, sports stars and others who live in the limelight enjoy spending their money on luxurious items like yachts, but a large portion of their bank account is often directed at security. That’s where a luxury armored vehicle comes into play. 

While the mere mention of an armored car might conjure up images of military tanks and bank trucks hauling cash, not all armored vehicles are created equal. At Streit USA, we can take just about any luxury car or SUV and outfit it with armor, creating a functional, stylish and safe mode of transportation. 

Our luxury armored vehicles are equipped with ballistic steel, run-flat tires, bullet-resistant glass, reinforced door hinges, a steel case fuel tank and more. We take safety seriously. Our No. 1 priority is creating a vehicle that allows the driver to quickly escape a dangerous situation and get to a safe location. 

Plus, our customers appreciate the fact these vehicles – whether a Toyota Land Cruiser or a BMW X5 – still look high-end. For those who enjoy buying multi-million dollar yachts, quality and appearance are important. At Streit, we understand that and work to customize each luxury armored vehicle while making it safe and secure.

Now, wonder if we armored P. Diddy’s yacht if he’d invite us to a party?