Streit USA Armored Vehicles Meet International Standards

If you’re considering making an investment in an armored vehicle, you want to make sure you’ve selected a company that has not only high internal standards but also has met the standards set by outside organizations. 

Streit USA Armoring has both. 

Our 10-step armoring process includes a stringent quality control process. Vehicles are inspected at each step in the process, resulting in a high-quality armored vehicle for military, business or personal protection. 

We also have met or exceeded every major U.S. and international anti-ballistics and anti-blast standard. Those include standards set by the National Institute of Justice and the European BR6 and BR7 established by the European Committee for Standardization. 

Streit USA’s vehicles also have passed the most stringent anti-blast and anti-ballistic testing platforms in both Europe and North American, including HP White Laboratory, Oregon Ballistic Laboratories and top secret standards for government agencies around the world.

How can we achieve such standards? We work closely with each and every customer to determine their unique protection needs and then develop a vehicle specifically for that threat level. 

Our process includes creating a 3-D armoring plan for each vehicle type – whether a luxury SUV or a military armored personnel carrier. Then our team fabricates armored plating for each vehicle. That level of precision and customization allows us to meet these strict third-party tests. More importantly, it means we’re creating the very best armored vehicles for our customers and their protection. 

Each customer is given standards compliance documents, including steel and glass documentation as well as an Armor Requirements Traceability Matrix or ARTMAT that provides traceability of armored materials and their performance capabilities.

Yes, these extra steps take time and effort. But when lives are at stake, we spare no effort to ensure every vehicle meets the required threat level standard for each customer. If you’re shopping for an armored vehicle, make sure the provider has this same level of commitment to your safety and security. If they don’t, you might want to look elsewhere.