Streit USA Armoring Contributes to Charleston Growth


Like the entire country, Charleston businesses were hit by the economic recession that officially lasted December 2007 to June 2009, but we all know businesses continued to feel the ripple effects of that downturn for many months and years longer. 

At Streit USA Armoring, we’re pleased to have been one of the Charleston area businesses that expanded, added jobs and helped put the Charleston economy back on her feet. Charleston County Economic Development Director Steve Dykes recently shared a video in which he credits Charleston’s automotive sector with leading the way out of the Great Recession. 

He highlighted the area’s original equipment manufacturers like Streit USA, as well as military vehicle manufacturer Force Protection (now part of General Dynamics Land Systems) for their contributions to the area’s growth. Dykes also pointed to the region’s extensive automotive sector, which includes companies like Behr Heat Transfer, WABCO and Cummins Turbo Technologies – a key player in the Charleston area since the 1970s. 

In the years following the recession, 13 companies generated 1,400 new jobs and a $250 million capital investment. “Auto suppliers led the way back from the recession. They were some of the first companies to bounce back,” Dykes said. 

It was in November 2011, that we at Streit USA Armoring announced the building of our new facility in the Palmetto Commerce Park. We doubled our manufacturing space to 75,000 square feet, added four production lines and increased our output. That $5.8 million investment generated about 50 new jobs. 

Now, we have a state-of-the-art production facility and offer the largest inventory of armored vehicles in the world – and we do it all from the Charleston area. 

Check out the video from the Charleston County Economic Development office