Streit USA Armoring loses long term friend and former Consultant

It is with deep sorrow and sympathy that Streit USA Armoring, LLC announcing the loss of a long term company friend and former Production Consultant, Mr. James R Miller “Jimmy”. On November 17, 2013, His life was tragically cut short.  Jimmy was a stellar supporter of Streit USA even before its establishment in July 2007.  Jimmy and Streit USA President Eric Carlson knew each other for over 24 years and spent many hours developing plans and strategies required before the ultimate decision to open Streit USA Armoring in Charleston, SC.  Being from Canada and Pennsylvania respectfully neither Miller nor Carlson had any prior knowledge of the challenges they would encounter opening a new business in a faraway location.

After opening the business, Miller joined Carlson in South Carolina for two years to continue this new business and help it flourish into the business it is today. Jimmy went back to Canada in 2010 to be with his family.

Thanks Jimmy for all you have done for Streit USA Armoring.