Why Streit USA is the Best Pick for an Armored Car

If you’re a high-profile politician, celebrity or business owner, you probably don’t need a lot of convincing that an armored car is an important aspect of your security. But not every armored vehicle is created the same, and if you’re making an investment in one, you’ll want to ensure you’ve selected a quality company. 

Here are five reasons Streit USA is a top choice for your armored car: 

  1. Training: Our engineers are experts in design with training in anti-blast armor designs and decades of experience. Our employees and managers are ISO certified and our state-of-the-art production factory is an ISO certified facility.
  2. Materials: We use the very best materials, including anti-blast armor and glass as well as military-grade run-flat inserts that can be added to any vehicle. Those run-flat inserts make it easier to avoid an incident and facilitate a faster escape. Using the best materials allows us to meet the specific standards of our customers.
  3. Engineering and Design: Our engineers use an armored capsule design concept and then the armored steel is cut on laser and, when needed, bent so it fits precisely and tightly. Streit equips vehicles with armored overlaps around the doors and other vulnerable areas. We add a “lip” around the door that we call a “bullet catcher.”
  4. Quality Control: Our vehicles go through a rigorous quality assurance process with checkpoints and safeguards built into each and every step of the armoring process. Nothing leaves our facility that isn’t thoroughly inspected and tested. 
  5. Customer Service: With customers around the world ranging from governments, the military and private individuals, we have a track record of success and proven performance. Our vehicles provide security and dependability in the line of fire. 

Check out this video highlighting some of the many ways Streit USA provides the very best in armored vehicle production and performance.

Armored Car Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT