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Armoring Materials

Armoring Materials

Streit USA Armored Vehicles Transparent Armor

All materials used by Streit are certified by an independent laboratory to ensure consistent ballistic integrity and performance, and we perform regular spot checks to monitor every batch of armored material used.

Several different materials go into the armoring process, including: The glass areas of each Streit armored vehicle are retrofitted with transparent armor: curved, OEM style or standard flat bullet-resistant glass panels. All our glass materials feature excellent ballistic protection and superior optical quality with very minimal distortion. The panels feature a multi-layered lamination of glass and polycarbonate layers, including an inner layer of thicker polycarbonate to prevent spalling or glass fragmentation toward the occupants upon ballistic impact. Each glass panel is fully certified.

The rest of the vehicle is armored with opaque armor, a combination of lightweight composite armor (Spectra Shield), high-hardened ballistic steel, and other specialized ballistic materials.

Once the vehicle has been armored, it is reassembled with minor trim work to mirror the factory finish as closely as possible on the interior and exterior.
Streit USA Armored Vehicles Run Flat Wheel Inserts
Run-flat wheel inserts, which are resistant to both ballistic attack and severe road hazards, are designed to keep your vehicle moving under attack. The insert is a lightweight reinforced polymer device designed to provide flat tire mobility when used with pneumatic tires; this is used by numerous government and security vehicles.

“Tailormade solutions”

We don’t like to cut corners and many standard features in our designs are considered extra or optional by our competitors. However, if you need enhanced security, luxury or protection, Streit offers a variety of optional equipment and armoring accessories. From a ballistic steel undershield for added protection against large land mines to military-style wheels for extremely rough terrain; from video recording systems for general surveillance to dual ram bumpers for  ‘ramming’ obstacles, we can custom build a vehicle just the way you want it.

Other optional extras include:

  • Luxury interiors
  • Flashing front strobe lights
  • Extra full-size wheel, tire and run-flat tire insert assembly
  • Night vision system
  • And much more…

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