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Quality Assurance

Quality AssuranceAbove and beyond customer expectations


All Streit vehicles are subjected to four categories of documented inspections, from the time of chassis delivery to shipment of the finished vehicle.

Receiving Inspection

The vehicle chassis is inspected for any damage on arrival.

In-process Inspection

Each vehicle is visually inspected daily by qualified quality control inspectors, who document each stage throughout the production process.

Post Production Inspection

Once the armoring process is complete, our quality control inspectors undertake a thorough interior and exterior inspection, as well as a road test to ensure the vehicle is operating at optimal performance.

Pre-delivery Inspection

Before the vehicle is loaded for shipping, our quality control inspectors thoroughly inspect the vehicle to guarantee complete satisfaction.


We retain all documentation pertaining to vehicle inspections, glass and steel certifications for future reference and traceability.


United States Defense Contract Management Agency Approved
VPAM BRV 2009 VR7 Certified
ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified

Streit USA Armored Vehicles Quality Assurance 1

Streit USA Armored Vehicles Quality Assurance 2

Streit USA Armored Vehicles Quality Assurance 3

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