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Research & Development

Research & DevelopmentExpert knowledge and constant improvement

Streit USA Armored Vehicles Research and DevelopmentAt STREIT USA, we are continuously improving our designs to build the safest and most advanced armored vehicles available – that’s why we manage to stay one step ahead of the competition.


STREIT USA uses state-of-the-art technology – Trumpf CNC laser cutting machines, Trumpf CNC 320,000 pound press brake, FARO laser scanning arms and Wide Track Scanners – to design the most modern armored vehicles on the market. Our engineers create computer-aided designs for armoring all vehicles, and all parts are precision laser-cut to ensure a seamless fit.


Our Research and Development team constantly reviews new materials in an ongoing bid to offer the highest protection levels. We work with industry giants to stay abreast of new armoring technologies and our manufacturing processes are constantly refined and improved.

Going forward
Streit USA Armored Vehicles Design and Materials
STREIT USA’s Research and Development department evaluates your feedback on issues such as wear and tear, performance,
and the behavior of the vehicles. We then turn suggestions turn into solutions, and solutions into
improved modifications.

  • We listen then act upon feedback from clients and partners in the field
  • Many standard features in our designs are considered extra or optional by our competitors
  • Our vehicles are designed to deliver security without sacrificing any levels of performance and comfort
  • All materials are tested and certified by independent facilities, and certificates given to the end user


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