Terrorist Attack in France a Reminder of Daily Dangers

Armored Vehicles Against Terror Attacks

Except for foreign correspondents, journalists don’t typically face serious, life-threatening risks. But that changed this month when a dozen people were killed in a terrorist attack at the office of French magazine Charlie Hebdo. Journalists around the world as well as allies of France have joined in a show of support against this attack on free speech. 

This deadly event was a stark reminder of the dangers facing today’s world and how much people everywhere are at risk on a daily basis. While it’s virtually impossible to safeguard against every potential danger, there are steps people in potentially hazardous situations can take. One of those is an armored vehicle. Of course it doesn’t help when an attack takes place in an office or public setting, but it can certainly protect in situations where a threat has been made and travel to and from work, home and other places might be the opportune time for terrorists to strike. 

At Streit USA, we outfit any vehicle – a Toyota Camry to a Range Rover – with ballistic-proof steel and glass. Our focus is on protecting the occupants and giving them the opportunity to quickly escape a dangerous situation. Additional features include run-flat devices fitted in all tires, steel-case fuel tank protection, engine bay flank armor protection and reinforced door hinges.

As the recent attack at the magazine in France shows, so many professions and individuals are at risk in a time when terrorist groups will stop at nothing to promote their own beliefs and strike down those who dare to criticize them. 

As publishers and journalists around take extra precautions in their work and add security to their offices, they may also want to consider an investment in armored vehicles for even more protection. Having the peace of mind of driving an armored vehicle makes it easier for professionals to focus on their work instead of worrying about terrorist attacks.