Even the Most Popular Cars, like a Toyota Camry, Can be Armored

2015 Armored Toyota Camry

If you look at the best-selling cars from January 2015, you’ll see a theme: foreign-made economy cars and American-made pickup trucks. Autoblog.com lists the top 10 most popular cars with vehicles like the Toyota RAV4, Honda Accord, Honda CR-V and Toyota Corolla on the list. Topping the list was the Ford F-Series, followed by Chevrolet Silverado and Ram 1500-3500. 

While vehicles like the Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry might seem like economy cars for everyday use, they can actually be outfitted as armored cars for top-of-the-line protection. Those looking for a fuel-efficient and long-lasting vehicle will find these models appealing. Anyone interested in an extra layer of protection for themselves and their family members will be happy to know these vehicles – along with luxury cars and SUVs – can be equipped with anti-blast armor and glass. 

At Streit USA Armoring, we work with clients ranging from governments and the military to celebrities and politicians who want added peace of mind when they are driving to work or simply dropping the kids off at school.

At Streit USA, we use the very best materials, including anti-blast armor and glass as well as military-grade run-flat inserts. Those inserts make it easier to avoid an incident because the driver can quickly escape a dangerous situation. 

Our engineers use an armored capsule design concept, and then the armored steel is cut on a laser so it fits precisely and tightly. Streit USA equips vehicles with armored overlaps around the doors and other vulnerable areas. We go an extra step and add a “lip” around the door that we call a “bullet catcher.”

Another key benefit to adding armor to a vehicle like the Camry is that you don’t attract unwanted attention in this four-door sedan. Its low-key profile allow it to blend in on the road, making it ideal as a personal security vehicle. Plus as one of the most popular cars on the road, people won’t notice another Toyota Camry driving down the street. 

It may be time to give these vehicles a second look and then consider the peace of mind you’ll have driving your vehicle knowing you’re encased in safety.